Friday, May 20, 2011

Finalist: Creative Nonfiction Magazine

Creative Nonfiction

I'm thrilled to announce that Creative Nonfiction magazine has selected me, out of hundreds of contestants, as one of the top fifteen finalists for its "Revenge & Anger" writing contest! I'll find out this summer whether I am one of about a half-dozen writers selected for publication and -- more importantly -- which one of those six will assume the top-two slots with accompanying cash prizes.

The piece I had submitted to the contest is an excerpt from an unpublished, book-length memoir I am working on -- so, regardless of the contest's outcome, this is a welcome development, as it effectively bolsters my official biography and will heighten the marketability of the manuscript I intend to hustle around to agents later in the year. 

Of course, "contest winner" offers a greater marketing angle than "contest finalist," but I will take whatever I can get.