Monday, April 16, 2012

Drudge Report Drives Tens of Thousands to U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor

 42,000 PAGE VIEWS AS OF 10:30 A.M.!

I thought I was hallucinating this morning when I checked the statistics for my original news blog, U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor, and saw that a Drudge Report link to one of my articles resulted in about 38,000 pages views, a number that leaped to 42,000 within a half hour. No wonder, considering Drudge's own site numbers (see chart above).

The funny thing is that -- prior to Drudge linking to the Monitor -- I was about to celebrate my site's one-year anniversary along with the fact that (well, as of yesterday) my site registered 30,000 total page-views in its first year! I can only imagine what the numbers will be by day's end. 

See what the buzz is about. Check out the article that helped produce such results: "Kenya Sees Spike in Obama Administration-Funded Projects."