Monday, May 21, 2012

Article Gets 'Front-Page' Feature Status

An article that I sold to WND currently is the featured report of the day, with the headline "Obama: Christian Slaughter a Misunderstanding" emblazoned across the top of the page. 

Though published just 14 hours ago (and late Sunday night, no less), the piece already has received over 700 Facebook "likes" and more than 100 "tweets," plus additional distribution via other social media. An exact-phrase Google search produces 5,100 hits, as the article quickly is becoming a hit in the blogosphere. These numbers have climbed in just the short time to write this blog post.

As I have said elsewhere, this article derives its information from documents I located via federal database research. This is NOT speculation. This is NOT conspiracy theory. This is NOT anti-Obama rhetoric. These are opinion-free facts, utterly independent of WND's admittedly fiery style. Just good old-fashioned journalism that I am proud to share with my fellow Americans and concerned citizens.