Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Upcoming Movie Role in ??????

UPDATED 5/11/12. What a disappointment! I was contacted about a background actor (extra) role for a movie being filmed this weekend, but got left hanging -- no one called me back to confirm the details.

Just for the record, I did not divulge any information about this major motion picture, other than what already has been publicly revealed (i.e.: the title, the stars). Didn't even say where it was being filmed. I wanted to make that clear, as I signed a confidentiality agreement with a certain casting company with whom I recently hooked up.

Still, I once again offer many thanks to Jen for taking a great picture (see above) that I sent to -- and apparently caught the attention of (however briefly) -- the casting director.

Oh well. I put in for a few other roles for TV shows being filmed next week, including one where I would play a federal office worker and another possible slot as a security guard for a scene in a law enforcement-themed TV show. Hoping for a solid call or e-mail this time!