Monday, July 30, 2012

Blood on the Hands of My (and YOUR) Elected Officials

By now you may have heard about the Senate investigation of HSBC, the behemoth bank that laundered money for Mexican drug cartels and global terrorist affiliates; but in case you did not know, subsequently I wrote a pair of articles -- and launched a petition drive -- about the tons of cash that the disgraced bank's political action committee (PAC) donated to congressional panel members with oversight of the banking industry.

I urge you to sign the petition at and help put pressure on those key committee members to divest themselves of that tainted money. Though it was completely legal (under certain parameters) to have accepted such contributions, blood will remain on the hands of these officials if they do not immediately cough up those dirty dollars. Considering that the bank helped murderous drug lords to "clean" their earnings, perhaps the congressmen should donate the equivalent of those donations to charities such as drug rehab programs and the like. 

Holding onto those funds would reveal an utter lack of integrity on their part.

Don't forget to check out "Federal Lawmakers Silent on Tainted HSBC Funds -- Will Sen. Menendez, Rep. Garrett return "blood money"? from The Revered Review as well as "Scandal-plagued HSBC shopped Congress for favors -- No officials offer to return bank's blood money" from WND. While you're at it, please give those articles a Facebook "like" as well as a tweet.