Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and... competition?

The U.S. needs to reject the notion that competition among children somehow is bad -- and that every Janey and Johnny deserves the same sized trophy even when he or she sucks at what they attempt to accomplish at a given moment. Otherwise, we will continue our descent into the maelstrom, to borrow an Edgar Allan Poe title, and raise up subsequent generations of pansies.

A tip 'o the hat therefore goes out to British Prime Minister David Cameron, who recently expressed such sentiments on behalf of England, in the context of the Olympics. As reported by Reuters via Yahoo! News, Cameron said:
"We need to end the 'all must have prizes' culture and get children playing and enjoying competitive sports from a young age..."
I don't know much about PM Cameron, but from that one statement alone he sound like a "man's man" to me -- and both the U.S. and its close ally Great Britain need more of such talk and subsequent action. -