Monday, January 31, 2011

Did I mention tenacity?

Ouch. Though I knew there were no guarantees that I would be published in J Journal (see 01/11/2011 post), the rejection letter I received from them today stung like an unexpected bite to the cheek (I meant the facial cheeks, but either set of cheeks would apply). As usually is the case, editors do not take (nor do they possess) the time to offer a critique along with the form letters they deliver to the dejected, I mean, rejected (okay -- again, I can't deny the applicability of either option).

Other feedback on my work has been positive. I ask -- indeed, beg-- for unflinching truthfulness when offering my writing for review. Tell me what I need to hear, rather than what my ego otherwise might desire to hear. If I suck, tell me I suck. If I'm good, tell me I'm good -- that's the message I send to anyone before soliciting their opinion.

Thus far, I've been given a green light, despite a few rejection slips along the way. Tenacity remains the key to success (as does whatever God-given ability I may have, notwithstanding my acknowledgment that I continue to grow as a writer).