Friday, March 25, 2011

More Incredible Imagery from The Red Badge of Courage

Here is yet another example of Stephen Crane's prowess as a writer. From Chapter XIX:

As they halted thus the lieutenant again began to bellow profanely. Regardless of the vindictive threats of the bullets, he went about coaxing, berating, and bedamning. His lips, that were habitually in a soft and childlike curve, were now writhed into unholy contortion. He swore by all possible deities.

And also:

In the mad scramble he was aware that the color sergeant flinched suddenly, as if struck by a bludgeon.He faltered, and then became motionless, save for his quivering knees.

He made a spring and clutch at the pole. At the same instant his friend grabbed it from the other side. They jerked at it, stout and furious, but the color sergeant was dead, , and the corpse would not relinquish its trust. For a moment there was a grim encounter. The dead man, swinging with bended back, seemed to be obstinately tugging, in ludicrous and awful ways, for the possession of the flag.