Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Ladies and gentleman..."

Playing the parallel roles of voice-over artist and public announcer entices me. I will continue to teach and to write, but voice overs and announcing, combined with any acting experience I accrue, are no less central to the execution of the Peacock Master Plan.

The key to success, as I understand it, is not simply possessing a powerful or unique voice -- something with which others regularly tell me I've been blessed. Equally critical to that path is gaining knowledge of the various nuances of those businesses -- and somehow simultaneously building up a record of experience.

That's precisely why I'm looking forward to the possibility of becoming the voice of the Lakewood High School basketball team this coming season. I have not yet gotten a formal offer, but I've been contacted about the possibility. 

Sure, instead I'd like to head directly to the studio to record an audio book or to an arena cage to play emcee in an MMA competition. In the meantime, I'll gladly use my God-given talents to heighten audience and player excitement in the gym of my alma mater and current employer.

Among other inspirations, I think of Kevin Garvey, popularly known as "The Garv," who went from telecom industry salesman to New Jersey's most high-profile MMA announcer; indeed, The Garv soon will be inducted into the NJ MMA Hall of Fame for his success as an announcer and promoter. I watched Garvey in action earlier this year at an MMA match for which I had a cage-side photographers perch. I knew that such public announcing was what I wanted to do -- even if only as a side venture.

So, before I step up to the microphone in an Atlantic City casino or on stage at Madison Square Garden, I'll be happy to hear my voice across the Lakewood High School gym, proclaiming, "Ladies and gentleman... the Lakewood Piners basketball team!"

You've got to start somewhere, right? Even at age 48.